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Though it’s early in the year, we seem off to a tough start. The obituaries (yes, I read them) are a mile long, daily, and the hospitals have been swamped. The calls are more urgent, despite the increased awareness I have noticed about programs that used to be “the great secret” or otherwise underutilized.

The damning thing about knowing all the options is that it makes the situations with no options all the more visible. It gets harder and harder to be the bearer of bad news, but it is so often the situation we face now. I mentioned a few of these groups in my last post, but they keep returning, constantly, similar situations, different stories. It seems obvious that change is needed, but it cannot come fast enough.

It seems so obvious that we need houses we can access, neighborhoods, transportation, and help. And yet, as we see solutions so easily adaptable at times, it seems far from everyday thinking. Stairs? No problem. More highways instead of public transportation? No problem. It seems as obvious as global warming–we are burning, like Rome. Yeah, I know. It sounds like fool talk.

Perhaps it is the thought of winter, here with us for a few more month, but I do not want to wait, to watch more people in despair. I want to skip to the part where we feel productive, where the change seems to be around us, people talking. The number of people who are truly in trouble, suffering, seems to be growing. The danger is that we are not prepared. The advantage is that it will be impossible as the numbers grow for this problem to remain invisible, ignored.


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7 Jan 2013 at 8:24pm

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