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More Thoughts on Thanksgiving

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Tonight I am laying out a tablecloth. Pies are made, cranberries, too. My kids are busy, thinking of bonfires.

I am listening to songs upstairs, various songs, Edith Piaf, Aretha singing “Laughing on the Outside,” an assortment of lonely and lovelorn songs . I went to my garage to take out the various things that need to hide tomorrow, looking for the turkey platter. I am thankful.

Across the street I can see the lights of the hospital, the hospital where I spend so much time. I have seen more tears there than I like to think about, and tonight I think of the people there, and the people in homes alone with little more than Meals On Wheels to look forward to tomorrow. I know that for so many of the people I see in my work, these weeks are hard reminders of what could be, of last times, of uncertainty. Life gives us all this. Grace to all of us, remembering all of us, always.


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21 Nov 2012 at 7:46pm

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