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Tonight’s post will be a little short, as the week is gearing up to be an exciting one.

Last week I left work thinking that maybe it would be better to blow up all of the waivers and various funding streams and start from scratch. My supervisor suggested that neighbors with disabilities would all be trying to figure out how one of them manages to get transportation to her job in a town where no one else can manage to travel (grandfathered in). We imagined sets of people who have left nursing homes through different waivers, all comparing notes and the like. In my own experience, I have spent many hours trying to apologize to people who cannot access the same services that a friend has–even though they met because of the similarity in their disabilities. One is in her sixties, the other in her fifties. Age makes a difference.

Now, I am about to enter the swashbuckling world of duals, meaning people who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. It should be interesting. Then on for more information about Medicare changes, and winding up the week with a few ideas about what Enhanced Funding means in the Aging and Disability Resource Consortium (ADRC) chaos that we have created.

More tales from the kitchen tables soon.



Written by Only Anecdotal

22 Oct 2012 at 9:21pm

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