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This is not the post I had intended to write today.

I did not imagine when I was thinking through my article on the drive to work this morning that I would leave work to learn that Trump had reversed his policy of jailing immigrant children. But he did. And thank goodness for that.

Goodness. It is a word that I think a lot about. I think about it lately in the face of pure evil.

Evil. Sadly enough, it is a word that I have thought about far too often in the last two years. Thinking back, I felt a very real optimism in the 2016 election about two years ago. It unraveled all too quickly, though, and even in the face of that optimism, I saw the increasing fervor in the voices of hatred.

In the last weeks I have watched, in horror, as multitudes of asylum-seeking families were torn apart at the southern borders, I have also watched the defenders of this practice. As wrenching as the scenes of crying children have been to me, I am chilled to the core by the lack of compassion in so many who defended the family separation practice.

Bible-quoting Jeff Sessions of course wants the wall as much as his boss, and claims that they don’t want to separate families. But they have to, of course, to keep us safe. And the kids are all right. DHS’s head, Kirstjen Nielsen claims that only Congress can change things, and the kids are all right. Sarah Huckabee Sanders explained everything and explained nothing, as she always does. Fearless Leader himself blamed the Democrats. And Fox News was a great vehicle for spreading the gospel of hate, as they always do. Stephen Miller, a haunting soulless image who was unknown to me until recently, was apparently the mastermind behind this whole policy. I imagine there are masterminds out there who are finally coming into their prime, finding a place to voice their nationalistic sentiments and enact their horrifying dreams of supremacy.

A long time ago, I took my baby son to his pediatrician to find out why he was not doing all the things he was supposed to be doing–according to “What to Expect ….”

The doctor told me that he was “delayed.” But I was not to worry, because my son could still live with me.

I had never considered that my son would ever be taken from me, but the notion stuck with me when a developmental pediatrician came to our home and suggested that I apply for the Medicaid Katie Beckett waiver for my son.

Now, the Katie Beckett waiver is an amazing thing: it was a waiver designed to help families of children with disabilities to keep their kids at home. But I didn’t quite understand the world of waivers back then, and was convinced that by applying for Medicaid, I would also be putting my son’s name on a list of disabled kids.

The doctor reassured me that no harm could come of applying for assistance. Those days of lists and persecution were in the past, he said, those days when people were labeled “different” and sent away, or worse. We all do remember history to know that these times did exist, of course. I’m not sure that a return to those times was quite my fear, but I did apply for Medicaid for my son, and he quickly was approved for the waiver. And it helped him.

But it is a strange thing. My son is no longer a child, but he is on a list, probably a lot of lists. I do think about it sometimes, though he does not appear in immediate danger.

I am not sure what makes my severely disabled son less likely a target for caging than a migrant child, except that he is white. But as we watch the rights of immigrants erode, we must also notice the stories of benefits dwindling for people in need of all sorts. We exclude, and we punish the weak in our great nation.

Watch the defenders of evil. I try to understand the people who were fed up with hearing unheard and unhelped, and as they explain themselves, I think it is easier to look for blame in a face that looks different than to blame ourselves for the mess we have created in a rich country that cannot manage to feed and house everyone. I hear that hatred, but while I think that it is terrible, I don’t think that this fear is evil. Promoting the fear is what is evil. Trump may well have ended the tears of children, at least for now, but keep watching what happens behind the scenes while our leader makes noise and throws twitter tantrums. Oh, to be sure, there will be images of some joyful reunited families–the midterm elections are upon us, after all. And there will be plenty of families who face a tough battle to be reunited (one father has killed himself after being separated from his child, so no resolution there). There will be family camps, then, right along with proclamations of wanting the best for our citizens, and keeping the borders safe. But I won’t be fooled. The masterminds are hard at work while we watch the circus, and they are not working for love.

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20 Jun 2018 at 6:27pm

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